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King Nobuyoshi Godwin

"My name is Nobuyoshi Godwin. I have autism. Being autistic is ok. I can see trees in my mind and talk with them. It's blue and it's ok. When I paint I feel good because it's my job, and I am proud of it. I think people enjoy and think my painting is good. I like drawing animals. They are sweet. That is 4400 and purple. If I sell my paintings I can buy more paint colors. And that is purple and that is 4400."

King is with Autism, and has difficulty in verbal communications. King’s art is with full of color which describe his feelings that is his vessel. He also has synesthesia. He casts particular numbers all over his canvas, and they also relate to colors systematically in his mind. These are also led to colors that he associates.

Artist Resume

King was Born 1991 in Raleigh NC and diagnosed with autism when he was two and a half years old. He attended the Special Education program of Wake County School Systems and received a certificate from Leesville High School in Raleigh NC in 2012. King attended UNC at Greensboro for one year, living away from home in the college dorm for the Beyond Academics Program in 2013. King became a painter in 2013. In addition to his parents, Thomas & Yuko Taylor and a brother Malik Nobumasa Godwin, he has many other supporters of his painting career. King currently lives in an apartment attached to parents’ home independently. He is a proud team member of the Special Olympic Raleigh Racer Swimmers and a performing member of Special Japanese Taiko-Drum ensemble.

King has numerous art solo shows and group shows exhibited in NC Triangle area, including UAC, VAE, Artspace, Artsplosure venues, Block Gallery, Gregg Museum, CAM, Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, Greensboro, NC, Winston Salem, NC, Greenville SC, Elizabeth City NC. Currently working on a show in this fall at Meredith College Art Dept. He painted over 750 paintings and 3D objects since, and his inventory is always thin. He was invited to visit the Outsider Art Fest in NYC 2020, and working to be represented with the NYC gallery in Chelsea area. Many local articles on his life and art has published, including N&O, N. Raleigh News, Our State magazine, Walter Magazine, Coastal Magazine, and there is a coffee table book written by S. Woodson in 2019, "an artist is having a very good day." An article is expected to be published in RawVision Magazine in few months.

Address: 12833 Edsel Drive Apt: 101 Raleigh, NC 27613
Phone: 919-795-9880

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