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Come Out & Play 2020

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North Carolina Songwriters Co-op

The North Carolina Songwriters Co-op (NCSC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support and promotion of songwriters in the state of North Carolina. Each year we are lucky enough to have this talented group of songwriters play live at our show. Click on the links below to watch perfomances by each artist.

Kirk Ridge
Hugh Willard
Jud Hair
Alice Osborn
Wildflower Folk Music
Wayne Kimes

Kirby Heard
Sallie Scharding and Dale Wright
John Stevens
Tim (aka "Ol Teeyum") Smith
Tin Roof Echo

Scott Bouldin
Tony Low
Bett Padgett
Michael Melia
Philip Swing
Rich Krankoski

Isabel Taylor
Michael Daughtry and the Drift
Jessie Lang
Zach Drill
Tokyo Rosenthal
Dave Cook

Matthew Chambers
Carol Parker Schafer
Neville’s Quarter
David Wiseman
Stevan Jackson with Kevin Hankins

Barry Gray
Michael Paris
Vito Di Bona
Ken Denny
Rebecca Reel
Ace and T-bone

Joe Woodson
Harold Morton, Palma Sharp and Steve Barsky
The Cliff Wheeler Band
William Woltz
Jason Bales

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