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Come Out & Play 2020

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Jacquelin Liggins

My work is a physical process of both movement and stillness. For me, creating art is about freedom. Moving away from the constraints of watercolors and small canvases, I found joy in the flexibility and vibrancy of acrylics. I could throw paint or use a palette knife or trowel, and I loved it! I could scrape, add layers, and insert designs with different tools. I also enjoy hand building with Clay i have been working in that for quite a while. I enjoy creating in both mediums.

After twenty years of painting, I eventually began showcasing my art in my own studio. A home-away-from-home, my studio is Downtown Hillsborough at the Skylight Gallery above Antonia's restaurant 102 W King Street, where I can display my work like a personal gallery. I get to interact with art lovers who come to visit me from around the country.

Phone: 336-684-8182

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