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Donna Bliss

I have my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, received an honorable mention in the Senior Fellowship Project. Since graduating from SAIC my life has been evenly split between building a career as an event planner and continuing to create art. As part of the Zhou B team I had found inspiration in being surrounded by artists, and was lucky enough to be in several shows at the Zhou B Art Center.

My path as an event planner brought me to the Zhou B Art Center where I started and ran the event business as the Event Director. In May of 2014 I was honored to be named the Vice President Creative Development to handle the Marketing, Public Relations and building the Zhou B brand. Last year I joined Art Encounter as Director of Development and Communications and was able to stay in the art world and do some good in the world.

My art is a natural outgrowth of being at the center and surrounded by creative talent. There is so much beauty in the world around us. To me a piece of bark on the ground, a rusted nail in the parking lot…all have the potential to be in one of my pieces. My vision as an artist is to find that beauty in unexpected places. My inspiration comes to me at strange times and places.

As a textile and fiber major at the Art Institute of Chicago I learned to work with many mediums such as soft sculpture, print making, drawing, fashion and painting. My work now incorporates many of those mediums and marries that with my attachment to the material around me. My daughter works at Rebuilding Exchange and brings home many rusted nails, pieces of old wood, discarded molding. They all bring their beauty into my work.

My work reflects what is going on in my life at different stages, as a woman that is always a major part of my perspective. Two of my pieces in Come Out and Play express the necessary process of grieving and ultimately finding hope.

Triumph of the Rose was produced in 2012 for the Buste en Rose show at The Zhou B Art Center, the exhibition raised money for breast cancer research. The inspiration for that piece came from a dear friend of mine who lost her battle with cancer, her bright light shines on us today.

Marching for Peace was created in 2020, at this time of unrest, the global health crisis and racial tensions a warrior woman came into my consciousness. She is a fierce Mother, who feels her love as deeply as her wish to protect the vulnerable and fight the injustice. She represents women of every race, age, and stage in life. She is a warrior for us all.

Phone: 847-22604215

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