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Come Out & Play 2020

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Carol Kroll

Carol Kroll, a former textile designer, has been sculpting gourds for the past eleven years. Carol grows most of the gourds she uses for her primary art medium. Her work takes on a unique sculptural quality through her carving techniques. She will often incorporate a clay element into her work. Carol uses acrylic paint and through her use of layering transparent color, Carol can create luminosity and depth in her work. Carol is inspired by a deeply felt connection to the natural world. Her work includes 3-D sculpture, wall hung art, lamps & luminaires and jewelry.

Carol has been a member of Chatham Artists Guild since 2010 and has shown her work on the CAG Studio Tour for seven years. Recently, Carol's studio time has been devoted to commission work. Her work has won many awards and can be found in collector's homes and businesses in the US and internationally.

Phone: 919-742-4440

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