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Come Out & Play 2020

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Bruce S. Bauer MD

My three dimensional sense and attention to minute detail have arisen from three and a half decades as a Pediatric Reconstructive Surgeon; skills that a career as a jeweler alone could not provide. My love of nature and Asian inspired art, have influenced the creation of one of a kind wearable sculptural pieces. Thematically, each piece tells a story. One recurring theme being bees and their hives inspired my company name, another being the delicate balance of nature in the Arctic. Many of my works are designed with hidden elements on the reverse, or inside the piece for only the wearer to discover. Many will deconstruct to allow them to be worn in varied ways. All are designed to be seen in all dimensions, as sculptural works and are best described as art jewelry with a sense of whimsy. Not surprisingly, my love and respect for conserving nature, warranted a shift in carving material to non-endangered Warthog tusk, when organic material was called for in a particular design.

Phone: 847-630-8017
Instagram: bsbee.designs

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